Cambridge Lean Coffee – June 2015

Cambridge Lean Coffee – June 2015

This months Cambridge Lean Coffee was kindly hosted by Linguamatics for the first time; big thanks to James Thomas, Head of Testing, for making us feel welcome.

It was another large group, with over 15 people in attendance!

Here are the topics we discussed and those that were on the backlog:


  • Testing Katas – any experience?
  • Knowledge sharing across QA in scrum teams/how to nuture testers across teams
  • Any experiences of introducing agile testing methods to traditional environments


  • what keeps you at your current company?
  • How do you do a big QA story without affecting the capacity of the sprint?
  • People are obsessed with creating test cases; are they mostly redundant etc. Do others have this issue?
  • test code standards, and how we agree to stick to the chosen one
  • How do you get contractors up to speed quickly / can contractors deliver value in test?
  • what do you wish people were talking about?
  • We’re going Agile ‘scrum’, what are others experiences for testers
  • testing complex large-scale software, how could agile help?
  • maintenance of legacy regression test suites
  • what did you last learn?
  • use of mnemonics during testing
  • how to cope with last minute injection of tasks in sacrum process?
  • effective exploratory testing
  • how to interview and get the best test candidates


The next lean coffee is being held at Towers Watson on the 29th July 


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