Cambridge Lean Coffee – May 2015

Cambridge Lean Coffee – May 2015

Held at Redgate Software on the 27th May with 10 people attending

This isn’t a write up about the discussions we had, but we decided that it would be cool to list topics that were discussed/on the backlog.

We talked about

  • How sacrosanct do you treat exploratory testing
  • Developer/QA pairings
  • Time estimates – tips & tricks
  • Generalise or Specialise?
  • What did you last learn about testing?

Left on the backlog

  • What (if any) conferences do you recommend?
  • How far do you go with writing BDD tests?
  • how do you keep track of what to test?
  • Where do you find new testers?
  • How good are your developers at testing?
  • How agile is your testing?
  • how to handle groups of 6+ people?
  • key skills of a tester
  • what do you put in your test strategies?
  • how do you plan non story testing?

Next one at Linguamatics on the 24th June- meetup

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