Agile Testing Days 2015 – New focus

Agile Testing Days 2015 – New focus

I wrote this as a preamble to the conference blog posts, but for some reason I’m adding it last!

I’ve attended this conference since 2012, but this year my testing world looks very different which has affected my focus for this conference. Moving from a very forward looking Agile world into one that is still pretty content with V-model and strict processes (which is understandable due to the environments and hardware constraints) has been a difficult one but one with a new set of challenges. Sure, there is the promise of an Agile project on the horizon, but when that happens or exactly how ‘Agile’ it will turn out to be is yet to be seen.

Obviously, so much of this conference is concentrated on agile practices and process (it is Agile Testing Days after all!), and for the first year, I can’t approach it from a fairly advanced agile perspective, looking for answers or new ideas to take our team to the next level. Sure I have my experience that I can help others, but instead I find myself in the unusual position of looking for tips on surviving in this unfamiliar and uncomfortable world whilst looking for ways to use my Agile/Context driven testing skills within this environment.

As well as this, another aim is to keep my passion for testing ticking along. Attending Agile Testing Days is a great way to get totally immersed in testing goodness. There are so many passionate, fantastic individuals that you can’t help but be inspired and re-energised, many of whom I already know and will be catching up with, some others I don’t and will be meeting for the first time.

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